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Waldenström Award

for outstanding researchers

Waldenström Award for outstanding researchers

The Waldenström Award (WA) is given by the IMS at each International Myeloma Workshop (IMW) starting in 1989. This award is given to outstanding researchers in recognition to their contributions to the myeloma field.  The award is named for Professor Jan Waldenström, who was a pioneer in treating blood cancers.


Each member of the IMS Board and each member of the Award Subcommittee Committee selected two candidates and the four with the most votes were nominated for the Waldenström Award. All of the four nominees are then asked to complete the Documents and Merits developed by the Awards Sub- Committee, which is circulated among the electors.

Final Election

The members of the IMS Board and members of the Awards Subcommittee, will vote for only one nominee and the one who obtains the most votes becomes the awardee.  All must be active members of the IMS.

The Waldenstrom Committee

The process consisted of establishment of the so-called Waldenström Committee in 2015 composed of 10 recognized persons in the myeloma field and also representing different geographical areas. In 2016 the Awards Subcommittee was formed and the current composition is - Douglas Joshua, Chair, Robert Kyle, Co-Chair, Hirokaza Murakami, Gareth Morgan, Mario Boccadoro, Paul Richardson, Heinz Ludwig, Michel Attal, Donna Reece, and Vania Hungira. The Awards Subcommittee elaborated the basis for a structured document of Merits (CV) to be asked to the potential nominees.


If you have any questions or require additional information regarding the Waldenstrom Award, please contact adminassistant@myelomasociety.org.


Nomination from IMS Board &
Award Subcommittee
: March, 2019

Notification of award: May 6, 2019

Award presentation: At IMW September, 2019

Past Winners

  • 1989 - D. Bergsagel – deceased (April 25, 1925 – October 20, 2007)
  • 1991 - R. Kyle
  • 1993 - S. Salmon – deceased (May 8, 1936-October 6, 1999)
  • 1995 - M. Potter – deceased (February 27, 1924 – June 18, 2013)
  • 1997 - R. Alexanian
  • 1999 - B. Barlogie
  • 2001 - H. Mellstedt
  • 2003 - K. Anderson
  • 2005 - J-L Harousseau
  • 2007 - J. San Miguel
  • 2009 - B. Durie
  • 2011 - W. M. Kuehl
  • 2013 - N. Munshi
  • 2015 - M. Attal
  • 2017 - M. A. Dimopoulos