International Myeloma Society Meetings

Interested in Hosting?

Apply To Host a future IMW Meeting

Accepting proposals through November 1, 2017

The International Myeloma Society is the official organizing body for the International Myeloma Workshops, the prestigious biannual event that brings together myeloma experts from around the world.

Applying to be 2021 IMW Host

Deadline for proposals is November 1, 2017! Accepting proposals NOW

Criteria for hosting IMW meeting include the following highlights:

  • Meeting Space - One should plan for up to 3,000 attendees.
  • Accommodations - There should be approximately 2,500 sleeping rooms within easy commuting distance.
  • Transportation - The host city should be within one hour from a major International airport.
  • Please state the approximate proposed dates in 2021, sponsoring institution and organizing committee.

Deadline for application is: November 1, 2017. Applications will be discussed at ASH IMS Board Meeting. Final selection of the destination will be made by a transparent vote by the IMS Board and prior IMW Chairpersons, with notification of the winning site during January.

Announcement of venue will be made in January 2018.

Please send application to IMS administrative assistant: