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The International Myeloma Society is the official organizing body for the International Myeloma Workshops, the prestigious event that brings together myeloma experts from around the world.

Application to Host the 19th and 20th IMW

Thank you for your interest in hosting the 19th and 20th IMW meetings. To be considered, please complete the application in its entirety. All required information must be filled out on the application. In addition, you have the option to upload up to two (2) attachments in Word or PDF format not to exceed 3 MB total. 

Before starting the application, we suggest you review the application requirements/checklist and draft your answers in a Word document that you can copy and paste into this online application. Please ensure you have used spell check software beforehand. You will not be able to save and return to your application. You must complete the application in its entirety in one session.

All applications must be received by February 7, 2020, 11:59 pm EDT (GMT-4) for consideration.

Please contact the IMS Administrator at should you have any questions regarding the application.

We look forward to receiving your application to host the 19th IMW.

Section 1: Proposal Contact

Please identify one person (normally the submitter of the proposal) to serve as the main contact for the proposal. This person may be contacted should questions arise about the submission.

Section 2: Organizational Structure

Principal Organizers

Please provide the names of your proposed principal organizers. You should identify a chairperson and up to three co-chairs.

Role Name Current Position Institution City, Country Upload CV
Local Organizing Committee

Please provide the names of your proposed local organizing committee.

Name Current Position Institution City, Country Upload CV
Please limit to 300 words or less.

Roles ex: Chair, Co-Chair, Member of Local Organizing Committee, Scientific Program Committee, Abstract Selection Committee, etc.

Name Congress / Meeting Year Role

Section 3: Destination Information

Proposed Destination
Proposed IMW Venue

Proposed Date Options

Please only list the proposed official meeting dates (max 4 days), choose up to 3 options for your dates in order of preference. Do not include set-up or tear-down dates in your proposed dates below.

(Should take place during the first two weeks of September).

Proposed Location Strengths

This is a good opportunity to identify the strengths of your proposed destination as well as details on weather, transportation, area attractions, etc.

Please limit to 500 words or less

Section 4: Program Information

The core IMW consists of invited keynotes and plenary sessions, oral abstract presentations, and poster presentations (physical posters). Due to the meeting’s length, there are limited opportunities for additional programming. However, additional programming elements such as ticketed-only sessions, small group sessions, or special-interest sessions may be suggested for the Board’s consideration.

Section 5: Social Events

Networking is a key component at the IMW and drives engagement and satisfaction amongst delegates. While the PCO will lead the logistical planning effort for the social events, the IMS Board greatly appreciates the input and perspective of the local organizers.

There are three main social events—Opening Reception (open to all delegates), Faculty Event (approximately 250 attendees and invite only) and Closing Reception (open to all delegates). The Opening Reception is typically held at the Workshop venue, however outside venues may be suggested with your application. Focus is given to venues that highlight the destination’s culture, are welcoming and inclusive of all IMS members and delegates, and meet standard industry compliance guidelines for modest social events. Destinations should be within reasonable walking or shuttle distance of the conference venue as well.

At least two social event are required.

Venue Website Address Possible Event Why should it be considered?

Section 6: Additional Information

Up to two (2) attachments in .docx or .pdf format may be included with your proposal for the Board’s consideration. File size limit is 3 MB.