Immune cell contribution to drug-resistance in Multiple Myeloma

Basic Information

Funding Cycle : 2022-2023
Name : Lucia Chen
Type of Award : Career Development Award
Home Institution : Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, United Kingdom
Host Institution : Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, NY USA


Utilizing longitudinal bone marrow samples from relapsed-refractory MM patients treated with Elotuzumab-Iberdomide-Dexamethasone (EId), the study aims to evaluate immunologic profiles and specific biomarkers such as IKZF1 in immune cells. The project has three specific aims: 1) to profile the immune system of MM patients before EId treatment to identify correlations with high-risk MM phenotypes, 2) to compare pre- and post-treatment immune profiles to assess reversibility and predictive value for progression-free and overall survival, and 3) to examine the expression of IKZF1 and IKZF3 in CD138+ bone marrow immune cells and their impact on T-cell activation and prognosis with EId treatment. This research seeks to enhance understanding of immunologic mechanisms underlying MM drug resistance and potential strategies for improving patient outcomes.

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