Basic Information

Funding Cycle : 2021-2022
Name : Jens Lohr
Type of Award : Translational Research Award
Home Institution : Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Host Institution : N/A


The proposal aims to revolutionize the assessment and treatment of multiple myeloma (MM) by introducing liquid biopsy techniques as alternatives to invasive bone marrow biopsies. Despite recent therapeutic advances, MM remains incurable, necessitating frequent biopsies for optimal treatment. However, standard bone marrow biopsies have limitations, such as representing only a single site and missing dynamic changes during treatment. The proposal suggests using circulating multiple myeloma cells (CMMCs) and cell-free myeloma DNA obtained from blood draws to provide more comprehensive insights into MM’s molecular dynamics and genomic evolution. Specific aims include using cell-free DNA to assess treatment success and predict outcomes and determining minimal residual disease (MRD) through liquid biopsy. Success would establish liquid biopsy as an independent marker for disease burden and outcome, revolutionizing MM management and potentially impacting various other malignancies.

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