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.@Myeloma_Society is proud to announce it is accepting applications for the second annual Translational Research and Career Development awards! Applications are open until January 15, 2022. Learn more and apply online:

After four days of exceptional science presented by #myeloma experts from around the globe, #IMW2021 has concluded. "Dankeschön" to all our in-person & virtual participants, our sponsors, and the wonderful host city of #Vienna! See you next August in Los Angeles, CA USA! #mmsm

Question asked in an #IMW2021 great debate today: "Which is the best immune approach to replace ASCT? CAR-T or bispecific antibodies?" After both debaters concluded their pitch, 67% of the audience decided the answer is "CAR-T." What's your answer? #myeloma #mmsm


Was the audience swayed re: their opinion on the question "can we give our patients treatment-free intervals?" The before (74% "yes") & after (79% "yes") of this #IMW2021 great debate in #myeloma remained virtually unchanged despite a well-informed counterargument. #mmsm


An #IMW2021 great debate in #myeloma entitled "Is stratification based on genomics ready for primetime?" pit husband against wife. Gareth Morgan (yes) and Faith Davies (no) held a good-natured exchange about this serious topic. The audience sided with Dr. Davies. #mmsm


#IMW2021 oral abstracts are a wrap. Some of the last shared conclusions: 3) Immune reactivity may help identify SMM patients who will benefit from early treatment with EloRD. #myeloma #mmsm @RomanosSP

#IMW2021 oral abstracts are a wrap. Some of the last shared conclusions: 2) Contemporary WB MRI as per MY-RADS criteria is significantly more sensitive to detect focal and diffuse disease than FDG PET/CT. #myeloma #mmsm @MyMKaiser

#IMW2021 oral abstracts are a wrap. Some of the last shared conclusions: 1) Although BM biopsy still remains the gold standard, cfDNA might be considered a suitable and less invasive marker; however more comparative studies needed. #myeloma #mmsm

Last day of #IMW2021 began w/@OncopeptidesUS-supported symposium. New therapies needed for RRMM—despite new combos & agents, survival of some patients remains poor. Lenrefractory, EMD, early relapse after ASCT, HR-CA, MRD persistence after optimized therapy among others. #myeloma

50 young #myeloma researchers received the IMS Exemplary Abstract Award at last night's IMS Awards Presentation. We're confident these young women and men will continue to deliver exceptional science and help us beat #MM. Congrats to all! Names here: #mmsm

Drug refractoriness is associated with inferior #myeloma outcomes was one conclusion shared in an #IMS2021 industry symposium supported by @Amgen. Presenters also identified PI/IMiD/CD38 mAb/BCMA-targeted therapy refractory as a new unmet medical need. #mmsm

IMS Exemplary Abstract Award recipients line up to receive their award at the #IMW2021 IMS Awards Presentation.🏆Let’s keep achieving great things to beat #myeloma! #mmsm

#IMW2021 Chair Heinz Ludwig welcomes hundreds to the IMW Awards Presentation and his home city of #Vienna as we celebrate achievements in #myeloma research. #mmsm

The stage is set to celebrate young #myeloma investigators at the #IMW2021 IMS Awards Presentation in Vienna’s historic Hofburg. #mmsm

#IMW2021 panelists concluded that further understating of immune system response to vaccines is needed to clarify risks and need for boosters or alternative measures against COVID-19 for #myeloma patients. #mmsm

Preliminary data presented during an #IMW2021 panel discussion on COVID-19 learnings showed poor COVID-19 spike responses among #MM patients. Those vaxxed with Moderna showed highest spike, followed by Pfizer and J&J. Patients 75+ were associated with lower spike reaction. #mmss

Alissa Visram of @MayoClinic shared data at #IMW2021 supporting use of Mayo 2018 & #IMWG 2020 smoldering #MM risk stratification scores post-diagnosis. Data suggest patients evolving to a high-risk score during follow-up be considered for early intervention treatment approaches.

During the @bmsnews-sponsored industry symposium at #IMW2021 Nina Shah of @UCSF discussed how CAR T-cell therapy is changing the paradigm of #MM. Anti BCMA-CAR-T cell therapy may become part of the treatment landscape and has potential to move to earlier treatment lines. #mmsm

Don't miss the #IMW2021 IMS Cultural Celebration and Awards Presentation @ the Hofburg tonight @ 20:00. **Testing is required—no wristband (guests too) means you have to test onsite @ the Hofburg.** Shuttles leave from official IMS hotels beginning @ 19:30. IMS Awards @ 20:30.

In his #IMW2021 oral abstract session, Niles van de Donk of @amsterdamumc reported that Talquetamab, an off-the-shelf T-cell redirecting, GPRC5D targeting agent, showed encouraging efficacy in heavily pretreated patients with relapsed/refractory multiple #myeloma. #mmsm

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