Masahiro Abe, MD, PhD

Board Member

Dr. Abe is currently the President of Japanese Society of Myeloma (JSM), and a member of the Asian Myeloma Network (AMN) executive committee. He is also acting as an advisory doctor of Japanese myeloma patients’ society and a council member of Japanese Society of Bone and Mineral Research. He was a member of the local organizing committee of International Myeloma Workshop 2013 in Kyoto, Japan, and hosted as a president the 41th Annual JSM Meeting in 2016.

Since he became President of JSM, he promoted the collaboration with international communities to create worldwide networks of basic and clinical research and raise young leaders to step JSM forward. He implemented the new structure of the committees in JSM, including the International Affairs Committee. JSM now set a policy to invite speakers from IMS to its annual meetings and give young doctors the JSM Travel Award to attend IMS annual meetings. And thus, IMS has been giving a great input to JSM. Recently, JSM International Committee provided TMAP to contribute to the IMS activity.

He became Clinical Professor of Division of Hematology in Tokushima University Hospital in 2009, and served as Professor of Department of Hematology, Endocrinology and Metabolism at Tokushima University Graduate School in 2015-2023. He is currently Director of the hematology unit in Kawashima Hospital and continues tackling research on the biology of multiple myeloma and AL amyloidosis as Professor Emeritus, Tokushima University. He has been studying dissecting the molecular mechanisms for formation of bone disease in myeloma and drug resistance in myeloma cells and their progenitors and trying to develop innovative therapeutic strategies against myeloma and its bone disease.

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The International Myeloma Society is a professional, scientific, and medical society established to bring together clinical and experimental scientists involved in the study of myeloma. The purpose of this society is to promote research, education, clinical studies (including diagnosis and treatment), workshops, conferences, and symposia on all aspects of multiple myeloma worldwide.

The IMS is a membership organization comprised of basic research scientists, and clinical investigators in the field along with physicians and other healthcare practitioners.

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