IMW Meeting Materials 2021

IMW 2021 Program

Wednesday, September, 2021

Precursor Conditions

Molecular dissection of myeloma

  • Clonal diversity in Myeloma – Mehmet Samur
  • Transcriptome Jill Corre
  • Epigenomic – Wee Joo Chng
  • Microbiome – Leif Bergsagel
  • Proteomics – Arun Wiita
  • Metabolomics – Rafael Fonseca

Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Opening Session

Newly diagnosed Multiple Myeloma: Current Treatment Approaches

Oral Abstracts 

Management of relapsed/refractory MM patients

Oral Abstract Sessions

Friday, September 10, 2021

Opening Session 

IMS/EHA SYMPOSIUM: Immune Therapies: A game changer for Hematological Malignancies

  • CART
  • Other Immune Approaches – John Gribben

Oral Abstract Sessions

Other Plasma Cell Disorders

  • Current strategies for AL patients – Giovanni Palladini
  • What are the novel approaches in WM? Steve Treon
  • Monoclonal gammopathy of clinical significance – Joan Blade
  • Monclonal gammopathy of renal significance – Nelson Leung

Oral Abstracts

Hot Topics in Myeloma: Covid-19 in MM: what we have learnt?

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Oral Abstract Sessions

Great Debates in Myeloma

Supportive care management

Immune Therapies

  • Mechanism of resistance to CAR-T cells and bispecifics – Yi Lin
  • How to improve the efficacy of CAR-T cells and bi-specifics? –  Michael Hudecek
  • Allo-CAR-T celsRoman Hajek
  • CAR- NK cells – Adam Cohen
  • Vaccination Therapies for Myeloma – David Avigan

Clinical Trials in Progress

  • North America – Jonathan Kaufman
  • EuropeXavier Leleu
  • South America – Vania Hungria
  • Asia – Jeffrey Huang
  • Australia – Hang Quach

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The International Myeloma Society is a professional, scientific, and medical society established to bring together clinical and experimental scientists involved in the study of myeloma. The purpose of this society is to promote research, education, clinical studies (including diagnosis and treatment), workshops, conferences, and symposia on all aspects of multiple myeloma worldwide.

The IMS is a membership organization comprised of basic research scientists, and clinical investigators in the field along with physicians and other healthcare practitioners.

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